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Latest Update
by posted 03/28/2020

We are trying our best to update you on the latest but information changes so quickly that it is hard to get that out to everyone. Basically, we are on hold until 5/4 with our first games probably being 5/10. There are many options being thrown around but nothing is set in stone. Some of these are pushing the end of season to the end of June, playing Memorial Day weekend, weekday games, summer and/or fall lacrosse, etc. 

We will be starting contests on our Instagram account this week for our players. Have your son/daughter like our page (Methuenyouthlacrosse) and tag us in their practice videos for a chance to win!

As a league, we are in communication with all our parent leagues trying to get as much information as possible and also talking to our neighboring towns to see what they are thinking. The board has talked about all options going forward if the season does get cancelled and will pass that info along if we get to that point (fingers crossed that we do not). We will be giving our graduating 8th graders their gift and rewarding scholarships to 2020 HS graduates even if we do not play in 2020. 

The drawing for the raffle tickets will be pushed back to our first game. If you have stubs and you want to pass them in before we start practicing,  you can mail them to our PO Box. Sorry, I can not have people dropping them off at my house. The mailing  address is...


PO Box 2269

Methuen, MA 01844

If anything changes, we will pass that along as soon as we can. 

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Latest MBGLL Update
by posted 03/25/2020

Here is the lastest update for the girls season. As you will see, the first game is scheduled to be played 4/19 with week 1 made up later in the season. We are hoping to start practice when school is slated to open on 4/7. As things change, we will continue to update.

Hello MBGLL members.  We hope that you are all staying healthy and safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

MBGLL’s board met this evening to discuss the upcoming spring lacrosse season.  As you know, the situation is very fluid.  State and federal recommendations continue to change, sometimes daily.  Many fields will remain closed until sometime in the latter half of April.  And, the MIAA has pushed back their start date to the end of April.    

After reviewing the available data over the past week, it has become apparent that we will have to push back our opening day to at least mid-April.  MBGLL is still hoping to have MBGLL Select games start as scheduled on April 17.  We are also hoping to have the Classic League’s opening games start on April 19.  We understand that these dates may change as field, school, and regulatory updates are ever evolving.  We also realize that some fields are not opening until the end of April.  Missed games due to the season’s delayed start will be rescheduled at a later date.

MBGLL’s board continues to ask all member town programs to follow local and state government mandates and guidelines regarding gatherings and the use of public space and fields in their towns.  This includes indoor and outdoor practices, team meetings, and any in-person gatherings.

MBGLL’s board will continue to monitor the status of the Corona Virus closely.  We will update you as quickly as possible with any new information regarding the season.

Please stay safe and healthy.  We are looking forward to a fantastic lacrosse season!


MBGLL’s Board of Directors

Christine Habermann – Executive Director ( )

Paul Bartlett – North/MetroBoston Division Director ( )

Greg Moody – MetroNorth/MWNDivision Director ( )

Mark Jannoni – Select Director ( ) Deane Gyllenhaal – Training Director ( )

Julie Stoelzel (MBGLL Clerk) (

Steve McGlynn MBGLL Treasurer ( )  

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by posted 03/21/2020

Here is the latest update from MBGLL. Not a lot of information. You will see a schedule on your daughter's  team page but obviously week 1 is postponed. Our plan is to start practicing 4/7 as long as the schools open. If school is cancelled longer, we will need to reassess.

Hello town administrators.  I want to let you know that MBGLL's board met last night to discuss the spring season.  As you know from communication that went out last week, the MIAA had a start date of their season at the end of March.  In just one week, the MIAA's start date has been pushed back to the end of April.  We are evaluating this data along with field release dates and government mandates in order to make an informed decision regarding our season's opening day.  

We have decided that things are changing so quickly right now and that we will most likely learn more as each day progresses.  Our board has decided to continue to meet weekly to evaluate the latest updates.  As soon as we feel that we can confidently give you an opening day date, we will let you know.  In the meantime,  we hope that you all stay healthy.
I also want to let you know that the schedule is loaded into MBGLL.  Please look at your schedule and check the times and fields.  We will keep the schedule unlocked for a week in order to accommodate these changes.  Please keep in mind that we are a Sunday afternoon league.  If you want to play your games outside of Sunday afternoon, please coordinate that with the opposing coach and let us know once it is confirmed.  We won't require game change request forms for another week so please get these changes made now.

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Season update
by posted 03/15/2020

The past week has been a crazy roller coaster ride. The board met today to come up with a plan for the season and somehow between that meeting and now, the plan has changed.  As of now, here is the schedule for the 2020 season. 

  • No practices until 4/7 at the earliest
  • Our first games for both classic games and boys select teams will be played the weekend of 4/17-4/19. 
  • The girls select games are slated to start 5/1
  • The raffle ticket drawing will be pushed back to 4/19. Once people are able to congegate in groupls, we can figure out a time for raffle ticket drop off. 
  • Paint nite and our canning day have both been postponed

MYL, the City of Methuen and both parent leagues strongly suggest social distancing at this point so we can hopefully hit the fields on 4/7. That doesn'r mean you can not get ready for the season. Keep your stick in your hand and work on skills. Find a wall and play wall ball, scoop ground balls in your yard or get a Cradlebaby to work on skiils indoors. Go for walks and runs if you can. The more you can do now, the easier it will be when we do start the season. 

This is uncharted territory and MYL is hard at work to make sure when we get the go ahead, we will be ready! Thank you for your patience and stay safe! 

All communications from the league in regards to the start of the season can also be found on your son's/daughters team page and Facebook. 


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